Meet Craig Wright/Meisters Realm

If you have attended a Medieval Fair/e of any kind in the tri-state area, you have probably met Craig. He is a faire evangelist. He carries the message of faire’s to other faires so you know where to go to enjoy history, fun, all the stuff that great Medieval faires are.

We at Kiefer Medieval Faire have known Craig for years and love his work, his mission to help keep Oklahoma’s Faires and all Faires in the eye of public.

He asks for nothing in return and gives so generously of his time and energy.

A truly good man.

If you go to one of the faires he advertises, look for the guy dressed up like Robin Hood, he’s probably got a bow and a green hat. Let him know his work is appreciated, encourage him.

Here are his words.

Have you been disappointed by hearing of Renaissance Festivals from friends who had just attended them? Have you wondered where you can find the next nearby fest? Well, wonder no more! Go to the Kiefer Medieval Faire on the last weekend of October and look for the Meister’s Realm tent. The Craigmeister has maps, flyers and a website that show where and when all of America’s Renaissance and Scottish Festivals happen.

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